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About the University

The University

Opened it doors in 1927 making it official the 14th oldest University in England

Alumuni including an Oscar winning director, CEO’s of Coca Cola, Tesco, Flamingo Land, Everton FC and Unilever, many Cabinet Ministers and of course John Prescott.

Has six main faculties;

Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE)

  • Dean: Stephen M Kelly

  • Departments: School of Biological, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences (Scarborough Campus), Geography, Physics and Mathematics, Psychology, Sports Science, Healthcare Science & Exercise Science

Notable sub-departments include the Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment, the Institute for Estuarine and Coastal Studies. The Chemistry department is noted for its research record, and the Computer Science department is noted for its Computer Science and Video Game development degrees.

A new biomedical research facility will bring academics from biology and chemistry together and will include Positron Emission Tomography with CT scanning (PET-CT) and two mini cyclotrons. Two new research groups will be based at the facility, called the Allam building: one focusing on cardiovascular and metabolic research and the other on cancer.

Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)

  • Dean: Professor Brigitte Resl

  • Departments: Criminology & Social Sciences (including social work), Drama & Music, English, Gender Studies, History, Humanities, Law school, School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures (American Studies, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish), School of Politics, Philosophy & International Studies, School of Arts & New Media, Social Work

Most social science and law-related department housed in the refurbished Wilberforce Building. Includes the School of Arts and New Media at Scarborough, formed in August 2006. Drama is taught in the Gulbenkian Centre, including the Donald Roy Theatre. History, English, Languages and Music are in the Larkin Building.

Health and Social Care (FHSC)

  • Dean: Professor Julie Jomeen

  • Departments: Department of Nursing, Department of Midwifery and Child Health, Department of Health Technology and Perioperative Practice, Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing

Based in the Calder, Aire and Dearne buildings in the west campus (former campus of universities of Humberside, then finally Lincoln). The Leven building contains mock clinical areas, wards, an operating theatre and a midwifery suite, within a simulated environment.

Faculty of Education (FoE)

  • Dean: Dina Lewis

  • Centres: Educational Studies, Lifelong Learning, Scarborough School of Education and includes the Scarborough School of Education, a former teacher training college – the North Riding College. This became University College Scarborough, then the Scarborough campus.

Hull York Medical School (HYMS)

  • Dean: Professor Trevor Sheldon

Teaching of medicine began in October 2003 on the west campus. Medical students receive joint degrees from the universities of Hull and York. The school includes the ‘International Society for the Study of Cough’ based at Castle Hill hospital on Castle Road in Cottingham. Third and fourth year students train also at hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, and Scarborough.

Hull University Business School (HUBS)

  • Dean: Terry Williams

Established in August 1999, Hull University Business School has around 3,500 students from over 100 countries. Students are taught at the Hull and Scarborough campuses, with additional MBA students taught overseas. On the Hull campus, the school occupies refurbished listed buildings on the West Campus which were opened in 2005. The Logistics Institute was completed in September 2007, and officially launched in March 2008.

There is also;

3000 staff supporting 17,000 Students.

10MBPS internet speed right across the campus.

56 high and low level sports teams.

An impressive 95% Graduate employment rate.

Extensive student support services.

A huge upwards trajectory through the University league tables