The City

The City

First things first, you will have heard some pretty bad things about Hull right?

Well they’re all nonsense, lies spread by our Southern counterparts jealous of our rampantly high air quality and lack of violent crime.

Myth: The city is in the middle of nowhere and takes forever to get to.

Reality: Actually the city has direct motorway links to Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and York. Direct train links to all the above and London (book in advance and tickets are just £10 each way on Hull Trains). You also have a thriving port which daily cheap ferries to Amsterdam.

Myth: The crime rate is sky high.

Reality: Analysis by StuRents of 535,468 crimes in 64 university towns and cities in England and Wales revealed the safest places to be a student. And guess who was in the top 10….. That’s right, Hull! And most of those were minor crimes, with remarkably few violent crimes.

Myth: There’s nothing to do in Hull.

Reality: That’s actually correct, providing you don’t like unspoiled beaches, bars, clubs, massive shopping centres, the worlds biggest and best submarium, Europe’s largest and most famous funfair, One of the best football stadiums in the Country, two rugby clubs, 5 Cinema’s, An Ice rink, 463 restaurants, the worlds best fish and chips, annual festivals, 15 museums, 10 parks, and endless acres of green and pleasant land.

Then when you throw in the friendly Yorkshire folk that populate the City, the fact it’s the flattest City in the UK (Yes that’s right, you’ll never have to climb a hill), the City of Culture 2017 and has billions of £’s of investment pouring in, you really couldn’t find a better place to study right now.