Being a Student

The Students

Where some Universities are nowadays heavily distorted in favour of some types of students e.g.

Oxford/Cambridge – 91% Posh Boys

Loughborough – 72% Males students

LSE and ICL – 40% Non English speakers

Hull University strikes an excellent balance of;

54% female and 46% male students

Over 80% UK students

And pretty much none of those Etonians.

This means that while you still have a fantastic diverse mix of people you should have no trouble finding people with similar likes to you to make friends with and will never feel isolated.

The Sport

The Uni has a a state of the art sport and fitness centre and you know it good as Hull City AFC use the same facilities.

There are 3G pitches and sports fields as far as the eye can see at the back of the main campus.

On offer are 15 sports related degrees to take advantage of these facilities.

Clubs include: American Football, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boat Club, Boxing, Canoe, Cheer leading, Clay Shooting, Cricket (If you’re that way inclined), Cycling, Dance Squad, Dancesport (whatever that is), Fencing, Figure skating, Football (Amazing facilities for this), Go-Karting, Gold, Hockey, HYMS Sport, Ice Hockey, Jujitsu, Karate, Lacrosse, MMA, Mountaineering (Hull is famous for it’s vast mountains), Netball, Pole Dancing, Riding, Rugby (All varieties), Skiing, Snowboarding, Sky Diving, Squash, Sub Aqua, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Trampoline, Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball.

And frankly if you can’t find anything in there you like, you may as well not be going to Uni! But if that really is the case, then there is a fantastic set up to start any new club you want.

The Halls & Houses

As we previously mentioned, the University guarantees every undergraduate a place in Uni accommodation, which is a rarity these days.

There’s everything from houses to flats, mixed to same sex and modern to historic and they are all within walking distance or a very shorty bus journey of the campus.

And if you are in one of the halls that’s a bus ride away then there’s good news, included in the price

of halls is a bus pass! (As well as all the usual utilities and internet).

And whats the price of all this….well you might be pleasantly surprised;

A typical year in one of the 2665 rooms in halls costs just £3,200 to £3,800 and then for your second and third years you will be able to find shared houses right next to the Uni from £50 pppw for the basic and £70pppw for the ultra fancy.